Biohazard Kit - 3 treatment packs

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Faced with potentially infectious bodily fluids to clean up, you'll need one of these biohazard packs.

This Steroguard bio-hazard kit meets all health & safety guidelines.

It is ideal for safe and effective handling, containment, disinfection, and disposal of infectious microorganisms in bodily fluids.

Don't compromise on quality, healthcare professionals and emergency services rely on quality products in life-threatening situations. Everything they supply is high quality, tried and tested, and designed to meet the strictest global standards. A range of first aid kits suit every requirement, whether you're using them for personal use or in a workplace.

This kit reduces exposure to potentially high-risk bodily fluids. With this kit, you can safely dispose of fluids including:

- Blood

- Vomit

- Urine

- Mucus

- Faeces

- Semen

Advantages, features & benefits

- Easily identify the kit contents with the high-quality and durable transparent case

- Compliant with health and safety standards

- The kit contains everything you need to clean up a spillage and disinfect the area

- Used in a wide range of environments, from hospitals to schools

- Easy to use kit that can be used without training


- 50ml disinfectant spray - 3

- Biohazard bag - 3

- Disinfectant wipe - 3

- Disposable gloves in pairs - 3

- Polythene apron - 3

- Scoop and scraper - 3

- Super absorbent powder - 3

Super absorbent powder

This powder will immediately begin to turn the liquid into a solid when poured onto the spillage area, making it easy to clean small and large spillages and allowing the safe disposal of infectious bodily fluids.

28cm x 10cm x 29cm